OBJECTIVE OF THE ASSIGNMENT The Matching Grants Specialist will be the Head of the Competitive Grants Programme Secretariat and will also serve as Secretary to the Matching Grants Committee. He/she will be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Matching Grant Programme under the guidance of the Matching Grants Committee and the Project Director, including […]

Expression of Interest for Project Field Officer

  Under direct supervision of the Project Manager, the Project Field Officer will be responsible for addressing the Project’s Project implementation in their assigned districts for all activities of Component 1 and 2. Qualifications and Required experience BSc. in Agriculture, Agronomy or related discipline 3 to 5 years professional experience in Agricultural production In-depth knowledge […]

Expression of Interest-for Irrigation Specialist (1)

EXPERIENCE At least 10 years of professional experience in irrigation development; Ability to design small-scale irrigation schemes and design of rehabilitation of on-farm water management systems; Experience with designing and supporting farmer-managed Irrigation schemes and formation and strengthening of WUAs Ability to work in multi-disciplinary teams; Individual consultants who has undertaken a similar assignment elsewhere […]

Expression of Interest for WUAs

  EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS At least 5 years’ experience in participatory training and capacity building programs of Community Organization. Ability to draft and develop simple-to-use training materials, and Terms of reference for Water Users Associations. Ability to work in multi-disciplinary teams.

Expression of Interest for Technical Reviewers

  RESPONSIBILITIES AND TASKS The technical review process is central to the concept of a Matching Grants Programme, providing the technical oversight during the selection of the portfolio. As such the technical reviewers are responsible to: Review in detail and evaluate the applications against the approved criteria and weighting-scoring system and procedures provided by the […]

Expression of Interest for CSA Training Consultancy

  SCOPE OF WORK Develop field training materials both in English and Sesotho (maximum of 60 pages for each language) on five (5) climate smart agriculture initiatives that will be prioritized by the PMU unit and which will be implemented by the project in the duration of its life. The 5 prioritized Climate Smart Agriculture […]

Expression Of Interest for Agro Weather Tools

  DESCRIPTION OF THE ASSIGNMENT This consultancy is in four parts: Development of agro-weather data, Agro-weather dissemination systems to users, Capacity building in the use of agro-weather and tools, and mentoring services The agro-weather tool will be hosted by the Ministry of Energy and Meteorology as the mother ministry leading climate services in the country.

Second Call of Applicants

  5.0 Budget: This round of applications is allocated a maximum of USD7 million. There are two levels of grants. The first level is M400 000.00 – M450 000.00 and cash equity is 25%. The second level of grant is M451 000.00 – M1.5 million and cash equity is 40%. 6.0 Beneficiary contribution: To engender ownership and to […]

Expression of Interest-for Market Information Farmers Data Base

  4.0 Experience At least 3 years professional experience in developing Agricultural Information Systems for Government or recognized bodies. Demonstrate to have the knowledge of or experience of local and regional Market Information Systems. The consultant must have experience with international agencies and have a good understanding of World Bank mandates in project implementation, At […]

Expression of Interest-for Irrigation Specialist

  MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS At least a Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field such as Irrigation engineering, Agricultural engineering, Rural Engineering, Soil and Water Resources Management;   EXPERIENCE At least 10 years of professional experience in irrigation development; Ability to design small-scale irrigation schemes and design of the rehabilitation of on-farm water management systems; Experience with […]